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It’s Saturday (err…Monday) morning. Do you know where your coffee’s best friend is?

Hello Friends!

Recently, I had been challenged to create an amazing coffee/cinnamon crumb cake chock full of cinnamon-y goodness.  I too have a deep seeded love for cinnamon, so I was super excited to take on this challenge.  After scouring the inter-webs for hours, I finally came across a promising base recipe and decided to create, alter, and then taste test using my friends as my own personal guinea pigs :)

The result, a highly addictive, super-moist, and cinnamon rich crumb cake guaranteed to make your morning cup of coffee taste like heaven.   And, trust me,  your taste buds and tummy will be ever so thankful to you as well.  All of the guinea pig testers agreed :)

This amazing crumb cake is now available for purchase.  Serves 9-12 people (with an ample sized portion for each (3’x3′ serving)) and costs $30/cake (pecans or walnuts can be added for an additional $5)

Order yours today.

Note: Cake is highly addictive.…you may want to consider ordering more than one!

A Sugary Dream Come True!

A sugary dream come true indeed!! If only that dream included actual sleep…

The Goods had chance to take part in the overly indulgent and wonderfully sweet Sugar Coma Festival 2011 this past weekend at Atlantic Station. The event, promoted and produced by local ” Atlanta Bakery Cheerleader and Social Media Extraordinaire” Shameeka Shy Ayers  (aka: the Broke Socialite), is an ode to everything sweet, sugary and saucy. Shameeka promotes these events as a local gathering of sweet leaning vendors..but let’s face it…it was just a delicious reason to gorge on some fantastic treats.

We decided to make it a coming out party for The Goods and we were in rare form! After a long night (very long night) and morning of baking for the event, we trucked on over to Atlantic Station where we got a prime table for incoming masses.  For this awesome event, we also teamed up with Ms. Taryn Fiol; local blogger and decorator extraordinaire!  Taryn helped us set up a delectable table display using here powers of awesomeness and creativity.  Please check out her always informative and fun blog “Formal Fringe”

The Sugar Coma Festival was packed and the energy was high…. Possibly because of all the glucose levels. We brought some of The Goods staples; Caramel Apple Pie shooters, Carrot Cake Cookies, OMG Cookie Bars, and Twist “Thai” Cupcakes; and with all of these delectables available for sampling, we quickly found our table practically empty an hour before the event ended. But all was not lost! Our dwindling inventory gave us chance to sample some of the other amazing vendors.

Here are some of the highlights:

Saucy Spirits: Check out this Wonderkin! Ryan, an 11 year old jelly and jam maker, made more educated food references in 1 minute than our whole team did all weekend. He has been using his parents wine collection to concoct some amazing spreads.  I personally purchased the Roasted Red Pepper Chardonnay Jelly :)

The Little Tart Bakeshop: Led by husband and wife duo Deon and Sarah, this sweet and savory bakery just opened a retail location with Octane coffee in Grant Park. We did not need any introduction. These are good friends of The Goods and they truly have some of the finest French inspried baked goods in the city. But, don’t take our word for it…stop in the store or find them at any number of farmers market’s across town.

(Pictured: The Goods Bakery head dishwasher, Bryan, and Co-head Baker at Little Tart Bakeshop, Deon (looking very scared…as well he should)

Sugar Coated Radical: The name here says it all! Taria Camerino heads up this socially conscious outfit. Specializing in rare ingredients and delicate chocolates, Sugar Coated Radical has been making non-traditional sweets that we love.

We took lots of pictures and made lots of friends. We are looking forward to a great end to 2011, more Sugar Coma Events and sleeping in!

Peace and Love,

The Goods!

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